With our 6,000 square feet facility we have taken special consideration of our layout to accommodate the students and staff.  The 2-3 year old room is located closest to the restrooms for easy staff and student access.  Our 4-5 year old classroom is set up for the academic portion and the station/nap portion.  Our students meet in the common area in the mornings for their morning announcements and pledge all together then the 2-3 year olds join their teacher in their classroom and the 4-5 year olds join their teacher and Kindergarten with their teacher.  We have several motivational posters and pictures that educate a message of integrity, and embracing differences.  We have a listening station where kids listen and read books on tape and explore literature.  Our common area is also decorated with a calming 150 gallon fish aquarium that kids and adults can enjoy.  There is room for kids to run, explore, play and relax while being supervised in a safe environment.  We also have a stage area set up with a sound system and cordless microphone to allow for school plays, or programs.  Our sound system is wonderful for story time, or guest speakers.