Provide students with a complete foundation in our American Language.  The overriding goal of the kindergarten curriculum used at Foresight Learning Center is to provide a strong academic foundation in language skills to students of varying ability.  At the same time the curriculum endeavors to make the child’s first formal introduction to language and academics a rewarding and enjoyable experience. 

Points of interest:

  • Students are taught concepts, not just words.  A solid language foundation is built by exposing students to all of the phonetic sounds and concepts in our language.

  • Curriculum promotes reading, spelling, handwriting, grammar, speech, composition, mathematics, and comprehension simultaneously. 

  • Students are taught to tackle what they are unfamiliar with by applying known principles.

Since not every child learns as easily with one given method of presentation Foresight incorporates a balance of the best methods.  Our curriculum and methods aim to help children rise above mediocrity in education.  We present a unique blend of learning styles and concept development which lays a foundation for all subsequent education.