These are areas set up by teachers and students and are changed monthly to fit the theme for the month. Learning centers have activities that are suggested either by written or verbal cues from the teacher or can be developed daily by the children. Materials and equipment in each area are displayed in a manner that promotes individual and independent play. Often, problems are presented for children to solve for creative and cooperative problem solving sessions.

 Practical Life - All children are encouraged to behave independently according to their individual development level. Through Kelso’s choices the staff encourage children to problem solve creatively, to learn to accept and appreciate diversity, and negotiate for what they want when it is in conflict with another’s desires. Staff will assist children in areas of practical life and self-help skill development by providing activities that encourage using undeveloped skills. The goal for children of all ages is to promote positive self-esteem and competence. Whether buttoning, pouring, folding, preparing food, or cleaning a table, children experience real life situations and activities that encourage them to expand their independence.