The program has general monthly themes that are established and coordinated center wide from infants to school age, designed to promote developmental skills, and to enrich all children’s understanding of their world. The themes have educational, social, cultural, and emotional value.

  Storyline Method

  Foresight Learning Center also works with a Storyline Consultant to incorporate storyline teaching methods into our center.  The storyline method is an innovative approach to curriculum integration.  This method crates a context for curriculum linkage through a topic study called the Storyline. The essential elements of the Storyline topic are setting, characters and events. The unfolding narrative provides a structure and logic to curricula connections. The pupils are actively involved in producing their own visual texts. The context created provides many opportunities for the children to use all their senses both in the exploration of their environment and in expressing their ideas about what they discover. The students feel personally involved in the creation of the Storyline which is usually about a place that they have created and inhabited by people they have produced.  Confidence grows when teacher and student regularly meet with successful outcomes. Students feel supported by the Storyline to which they constantly refer. Teachers can structure their activities based on a series of episodes arising from the same Storyline topic.  Working within the topic gives many opportunities for students to practice the same basic skills again and again without becoming bored. In addition, it demonstrates a relevance to children’s’ reality which provides proof of the general usefulness of these skills.