We believe that every parent has the right to choose the best route to educate their children. We are advocates of thinking outside the box in our teaching style and approach to education, mixing the structure of a classroom with the flexibility of homeschooling we strive to provide a “living education”.

We use a Storyline approach which is a structured approach to learning and teaching that was developed in Scotland It builds on the key principle that learning, to be meaningful, has to be memorable, and that by using learner's enthusiasm for story-making, the classroom, the teacher's role and learning can be transformed. Storyline is a strategy for developing the curriculum as an integrated whole. It provides an opportunity for active learning and reflection as essential parts of effective learning and teaching. At the same time it develops in learners a powerful sense of ownership of their learning.

The growing popularity of the Storyline Method is largely because it provides a process or structure that meaningfully integrates curriculum.  Sound learning theory and effective teaching strategies have been synthesized into a user friendly teaching model.  Teachers and parents appreciate the flexible structure of the Storyline for both short and long term planning.  Both teachers and students find the collaborative story making exciting and highly motivating.  Together they create a visual text which is far more meaningful to them than any textbook.  Children watch the story unfold as their ideas appear in visual form around the walls of their classroom.  The level of involvement and sense of ownership felt by students encourages them to take a greater responsibility for their own learning.

There will be three storylines conducted throughout the academic school year, each storyline will be around 8-10 weeks long with a culmination after the completion of each one.