Our Programs

  • Preschool
  • Daycare
  • Home school support classes K-12
  • Tutoring grades K-12
  • Before and after school care

  • Home School Support

    Foresight Learning Center offers a Homeschooling Support Program. Foresight Learning Center Homeschooling program is for homeschooling families who love homeschooling, but would really like some support, structure, community and respite. It is also for families who like the idea of homeschooling but find it difficult to provide it without help. Through this flexible program, you can enjoy the involvement, oversight, control and intimacy you currently have as a homeschooling parent, while at the same time, have assistance with the educational planning and instructional aspects which can feel over whelming at times.

    Homeschooling Program offers:

  • Educational staff to help support your child's academic and emotional needs.
  • Opportunities for advancement and acceleration.
  • Social opportunities.
  • Storyline approach to curriculum to provide a "living education".

  • Hybrid Homeschooling offers you the structure and support you need while still allowing all the benefits you already enjoy about homchooling:

  • time with your child
  • Intimate knowledge about what your child is learning
  • Ability to monitor academic progress
  • Participation in program design
  • Freedom from curriculum that teaches to the test
  • Freedom to plan and take vacations or family trips
  • Ability to integrate authentic learning opportunities

  • As a part-time program, Foresight Learning Center does not provide the full complement of academic studies or testing. Rather, FAC acts as an enhancement to your home-school agenda, helping you with educational planning and staff to assist you with instruction in areas you would like more support.

    Foresight Learning Center educators work with you and your learner to create a storyline curriculum that will compliment home studies and help to ensure that the curriculum they get is at the appropriate academic level, regardless of chronological age. We uphold the values of transparency, accountability and especially JOY for everyone learning throughout our program.

    Learners work in small groups and one-on-one with their teacher. The teachers role is to help keep Learners' engaged with their academic studies and to monitor the progress of the learning targets. integrates a research-based curriculum integration, a culture of student safety and success, and concentration on academic rigor while focusing on citizenship and experiential learning through student engagement.